Noah’s House Policies

Gym Policies

  • Everyone participating must sign in and read waiver
  • No shoes on the mats period! 
  • Potty training kids must wear pull-ups to prevent accidents
  • Upstairs is intended for smaller children such as babies and toddlers.
  • No Rough or dangerous play.
  • Do not take apart furniture.
  • Do not eat on equipment
  • Parents must monitor for safe behavior at all times.
  • No strollers allowed on gym floor–it is recommended to leave strollers in the car.
  • Drink & eat non-messy foods upstairs or in the lobby.
  • Must wash hands after eating and before resuming play. Other children including Noah of Noah’s House may have allergies and of course there’s nothing more disgusting than equipment with food particles all over them!
  • Keep gym floors clear
  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • No food or drinks in ball pools.
  • All gates must remain closed and locked. 
  • No outside food allowed during special events.
  • You are more than welcome to bring a child to celebrate his or her birthday at Noah’s House, however you are NOT ALLOWED to bring  pizza, cupcakes or cake during open play!