The Cold Hard Truth about Success

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Five months ago, I was convinced that being me would win me a stellar business–a business that would soar to great heights almost immediately. I was convinced that kindness would seal the deal. So often I had gone to a store, a restaurant, a hotel, a kid gym that just wasn’t nice. They were down right rude a lot of the times. So often, I had to ask to speak to managers and write unanswered letters, fill out truthful surveys just to  continue to be unsatisfied with the prices and the customer service. I started Noah’s House with the belief that surely other Moms and Dads wanted to find a place that was clean, loving,and affordable just like I did. Yet, week after week that proves to be untrue. I have gotten to know so many families and though they enjoy our facility, The Cold  Hard Truth is that Noah’s House is not a priority–it’s a Last Resort. If it’s cold, if it’s too hot, if there is absolutely NOTHING else to do, the kids end up here. It has been a very eye opening experience! I have wasted so much money and so much time on being nice. Our prices–our offerings–our attitude are just not enough to be successful.

Everyday I go out to get lunch typically at McDonald’s or at Wendy’s as my son unfortunately is allergic to everything. Everytime I go to McDonald’s, the service is pretty awful! They over charge me, take too long to get my food, and never give me what I ask for. I mean, how hard is it to put more than 2 ketchup packets in the bag? Ketchup is the most inexpensive condiment, yet it is always a debate about how many I can receive! On the other hand, when I go to Wendy’s the customer service is outstanding, and the food is fresh! As a consumer, I have now made the choice to no longer patronize McDonald’s in Pasadena!

Recently, I had the unfortunate task of having to go there for my Dad the other day, and the line was almost out of the parking lot! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I waited for over 10 minutes and had my food thrown to me and the door slammed at the window, yet their business was booming. Why??? #idontgetit

The next day, I went back to Wendy’s, and I noticed that they were never really busy or as busy as McDonald’s, yet the food was better and so was the customer service. What was so great about McDonald’s and so bad about Wendy’s? I secretly felt a weird but honest connection to Wendy’s. I felt like we both had the same problem. After I went home that evening, I talked to my husband about it. He said well “McDonald’s doesn’t care about you because they know you’re coming back.” I was still puzzled. But then it hit me! Just like everything else in life–people don’t care about you when you care about them! They care when you don’t.

Before I met my husband, I dated all the wrong men–The Cheater, The Musician, The Thug, The Athlete, The Addict, The Controller . . . And the list goes on. What these men all had in common was that I cared more about them than they cared about me. And in a strange way, that made them more appealing. The same can be said of successful businesses. I took Noah to a popular kid gym as a baby. We paid $50 a month for the 1st couple of months, then $80 a month when Noah turned 5 months. That money only got us 1 50 minute class, which was really a 20 minute class since the other 30 was free time, 4 opportunities for open play at random and inconvenient hours, and nothing else. Every event that they had cost $10 even with the membership! We felt that it was highway robbery, and on top of that–the staff could care less about you! They hardly interacted with you–rushed you out when class was over, and barely remembered you or your child’s name–yet again . . .they were successful!

Noah’s House has not only provided a clean, safe, and loving facility with reasonable prices,but we’ve also helped other businesses and people –yet that help has gotten us nowhere!

I have spent much thought and much consideration on how in fact we will survive– but the only thing that comes to mind is Faith.

The Bible tells us to not grow weary in well doing for in due season we will reap if we faint not! The Bible tells us that God will supply all our needs according to his riches in glory! The Bible tell us that we should treat others as more important than ourselves!

Though it IS tempting to turn into McDonald’s . . .Though it is tempting to believe that this Dog eat Dog world will devour us . . . Though it is tempting to just join the many other rude and disrespectful businesses that JUST DON’T CARE, I have resolved that we will continue to offer reasonable rates, a clean facility, and a loving environment. Light is better than darkness any day. The Lord will provide but only if we continue to walk in Faith. God will send the right people and do the right things at the right time! We must be patient and willing to do what’s right and not what’s easy!


To all my fellow God fearing business owners–success for us is not about how many clients we get or how many sales we make because the Lord gives and the Lord takes away, and there is a season for everything under the sun! It is about how many people we help, how many people we touch in a positive way, and how many people can see God in us! The cold hard truth is that caring about people is hard! Caring about people when they don’t care about you is even harder, but that’s the business we’re in, and I’m ok with that!

2 thoughts on “The Cold Hard Truth about Success

  1. Wow…this post surprisingly spoke to my own, but different situation in life. Long story, but its enough to say that yes, we are called to not grow weary in doing good. I have been growing weary, trying to care about people who do not reciprocate, trying to meet their needs while your own are not met.

    What your business offers is wonderful. If I wasn’t in the daycare business (in-home), I would be able to frequent more often with my own 2 kids. I would like to try to make it in on the weekends more. It’s one of the best options for getting your kids to burn off some energy.

    Keep up the kindness for the Lord’s sake!


    • Thanks so much! It’s hard, but it’s all worth it in the end. Thank you for all you do for kids! It’s not easy to be in the business of caring for kids. So I too want you to know that all your hard work, love, and effort is making a huge difference in the lives of every child you touch! 😘


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