Loyalty Matters

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Recently, everybody that has heard of my story asks me things like, “How’s business going?” “I keep seeing Noah’s House all over Facebook, you all must be doing good, right?”

Sometimes I tell the truth and sometimes I deflect these questions. The truth is that no one ever thinks about how hard it is for me as a mom and a business owner. They see a few Facebook posts or a busy day and think that I’m living THE LIFE.

Well let me just be frank. No, I’m not living the life. I’ve spent lots of money on advertising, purchasing equipment, paying an employee to help which I can’t afford, and purchasing supplies constantly. We are struggling in real life. Things are not easy for my family right now.

Many people have commented that I need to do memberships and that would give me constant revenue and help us sustain ourselves.

But, here’s what I think. I think that as a full time mother prior to Noah’s House, I considered it highway robbery to be forced into a membership in which the cost kept getting higher and ultimately forced me to stop taking my son to that gym. (I won’t say any names). I paid $80 a month for a 5 month old. Needless to say, I don’t like the entrapment and exclusivity that comes with a membership. As a mom, I enjoy the freedom to choose and to come and go as I please. So Noah’s House will continue to be a membership free zone! Sure, we wouldn’t have to stress as much with a membership, but in my heart, I know that there are some mothers who believe that LOYALTY matters. Our faithful customers who come rain or shine will help us meet our goals.

As a new business, we are STILL growing our client base, and I know that we are doing exactly what we set out to do, give mothers a place where they feel loved and appreciated while providing a safe and fun place for kids.

During this famine season, though it is testing my faith, I want my faithful ¬†customers to know that loyalty matters. Because you keep coming back, you are helping Noah’s House survive and thrive.


It’s hard on me to do it all (be a wife, raise my son, and run a business), but everytime I see some of those loyal customers each week, I know that because of them, we will be okay. And most importantly because of them, I know I will be okay, no matter how hard it gets.



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