Super Mom

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I woke up late and Noah was not up yet either. He spent all night eating and whining. I literally starting sleeping a couple of hours before the alarm went off. I hurried around trying to get myself together. I knew that I could brush my teeth and throw on clothes without disturbing him as long as I put my warm pillow under his arm so that he would still think that I was there. It took me quite a while to learn that trick, but now I was officially a pro at it. As I brushed my teeth, I remembered that Dad wouldn’t be able to help today because he had a doctor’s appointment. I ran downstairs to start breakfast (being a tad overambitious) and I heard a slight cry, so I jetted up the stairs to find Noah sitting up and looking confused. I knew that I had to go through the routine of holding him, feeding him, letting him watch cartoons, and maybe even letting him play. All I could think about was the time. Now the clock read “8:45am.” I had to open the shop at 10:00am today! Somehow I managed to coax Noah out of the house at 9:15am, but I knew there would be hell to pay!

I had to hold my iPhone in front of Noah the entire 30 minute ride, so my arm was in massive pain. It was 9:45am, and we barely made it, and there were people waiting outside. I thought to myself, “Glad he didn’t poop!” I finally got everything ready and smelled the scent of death encircle my nose. It was a horrific scene. Noah squirming around while I tried frantically to wipe his behind before he managed to get poop all over his hands and clothes.

Once the doors were open, I felt myself getting extremely stressed out, because Noah was crying, and I felt unprepared. I absolutely hate feeling unprepared! It was hectic and crowded and for some reason, I felt like everyone was watching me . . .

On days like these, I feel like I have to be Super Mom–like I have to be perfect!

The truth is that Super Mom is just as fictitious as believing that life is made of candy drops and milkshakes. Life is HARD. And being a mommy is even harder. Trying to balance your needs and your family’s needs is difficult. We want to do it ALL. We want everyone to think that we can take on any challenge that comes our way without even a strand of our hair being misplaced. We want to be SUPER MOM! Right?

When my day finally came to a close, Noah had cried most of it. I had a migraine, and we had barely made our minimum for us to have a “good” business day. I was disappointed, and I wondered if the other mothers realized that I didn’t have it all together and that I wasn’t so super after all. I sighed with sadness, but as I watched the water fall to my feet in the shower, I thought to myself, “You tried, you showed up, and you did what you had to do today.”


To me, that IS SUPER! 🙂





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