A Sacrifice Worth Making

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imageDeciding to resign from teaching was a heart wrenching decision. I cried for weeks over the kids that I loved so dearly. See when you teach severe disabilities, those kids love you like their own mother. They show you how precious each moment of life is because those kids, no matter how hard it is for them, love life! Even now, thinking of some of them brings tears to my eyes.

After having Noah, I suffered from PPD, something I would never be able to prepare myself for in a million years. I suddenly felt useless, helpless, and fearful of separating from my son. I needed my support system, but they didn’t understand me or what I was going through. They thought it was the painkillers. I was completely unwilling to return to work and decided to go on leave. After my Csection wound finally healed around 6 months, I physically began to feel better and suddenly I felt like my thoughts were no longer filled with fear. In fact, this was the most adventurous and sure of myself that I’d felt in years.

I told my husband how I hated feeling like I had to choose between being with Noah and having a career. He insisted that maybe this was my time to start my own business. I wrote two self published books during Noah’s first 6 months  to help keep myself sane and to give my emotions an outlet. Unfortunately only a couple of my friends bought the books. Though I absolutely love writing, I figured that this wouldn’t be a mutually beneficial career. So I brainstormed with my husband about what business we could do. I had so many ideas, and my husband helped me streamline them into Noah’s House. He put up all of our savings to make this happen, and he really has no idea how much that means to me. My husband is a beautiful man, but he didn’t only do it for me, he made this sacrifice because he believed in what Noah’s House stands for.

This place is for all the parents that are looking to connect with other parents. This is for all the parents who feel trapped and need a loving place to go. This is for all the parents  who want to have fun with their kids without the added stress of too much routine. This is for all the parents who want to know that their kids are in a safe space.

Noah’s House has been a sacrifice worth making.  One that I’m super proud of. Being a parent is no easy gig, but I find that it is really easy to make sacrifices for my son. It comes naturally! I want every parent to know that every sacrifice you make for your child is worth making so I wrote a little poem for you 😉

I know it gets hard sometimes! But don’t get yourself down! Parents and the sacrifices we make are what makes the world go round

Up at 5, no time to shower and sometimes you can’t even get an hour . . . Of peace

No one said this would be easy. Nothing worth having is . So go ahead and keep smiling because parents have to handle the biz.’

A late night feeding, a morning scream! And you haven’t even had time to dream.

You are superhuman they say. Or maybe not human at all. You take care of everything and yet you still have energy to play ball.

You are a parent, those most wonderful one in the world. For your kid, you make life worth living, a reason fo them to twirl.

From 5 minute showers, to working long hours–they’re all sacrifices worth making. ❤️

Be blessed. See you at the Grand Opening on May 7th 12-6pm.

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